Changde: Yu Liangyong went to the front line to visit the civilian auxiliary police on duty during the Spring Festival

2022-04-21 0 By

On the afternoon of January 28, Yu Liangyong, deputy mayor of Changde Municipal People’s Government and director of the Public Security Bureau, visited the frontline civilian auxiliary police during the Spring Festival.City bureau deputy secretary of the Party Committee, executive deputy director Zeng Yong, city Bureau party committee member, director of the political Department Wang Chaochun, city Bureau police order department, political department, police protection department of the main responsible person to attend the condolences.Bring Yu Liangyong to fast wuling public security bureau police brigade a surname fast p platform to a line auxiliary police on duty people bring Yu Liangyong to traffic police detachment grand box ZhiQinDian condolences to the informants auxiliary police bring Yu Liangyong to shangri-la airport police station to a line of people auxiliary police Yu Liangyong line successively came to the city police “platform a surname ZhiQinDian, grand intersections traffic police ZhiQinDian, shangri-la airport police station, police often highGermany detachment, police detachment detention care management brigade, railway station police station, patrol police station duty and anti-mafia task force, visit and comfort stick to the work of the civilian auxiliary police on duty, to them to send condolence money and extend the good wishes of the New Year.Bring Yu Liangyong changde to high police detachment condolences to the people on duty auxiliary police bring Yu Liangyong officer to the training center of sympathy astonished and police patrol special police detachment lien nursing auxiliary police brigade people everywhere, all Yu Liangyong and auxiliary police on duty people shaking hands and “greetings, detailed understanding of security measures implemented and staff on duty during the holiday BeiQin situation.He pointed out that in the family lights reunion, the city’s public security line civilian auxiliary police give up small home, care for everyone, loyalty, fulfill their duties, selfless dedication, to ensure the overall social security of the city continued to make outstanding contributions to stability, on behalf of the city bureau party committee to express condolences and thanks to you.Bring Yu Liangyong police station’s condolences to the station auxiliary police a line of people bring Yu Liangyong patrol special police to the train station ZhiQinDian condolences to frontline police Yu Liangyong stressed that near the Spring Festival, all the more onerous task, all launching departments should earnestly strengthen bear responsibility, and further strengthen patrol social prevention and control, implement “1, 3, 5” rapid response mechanism,Focus on strengthening patrol prevention and control work at night, during periods of high incidence of cases and in key areas, effectively improve the rate of street police and the rate of charge, to ensure that the people spend a stable and peaceful Spring Festival;To coordinate epidemic prevention and control and emergency response to extreme weather, traffic police departments should make reasonable arrangements for duty and do their best to ensure the safety and order of the city’s road traffic during the Spring Festival.Xi called for strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements, enhanced security checks, temperature checks and code checks for travelers entering and leaving stations, and strict implementation of epidemic prevention measures such as elimination and exteriation, so as to firmly build a solid defense line against imported passengers.