88-83.Zhejiang Guangsha almost lost ningbo, NBA will debut, together sword refers to the finals

2022-04-21 0 By

CBA and ten days began to race, but a friendly match against teams, just finished a game, zhejiang construction of ningbo, almost lost, 88-83, this competition, the key to the construction of foreign aid, zhejiang province, the NBA star emeka okafor debut, the game although he is a mediocre, but could see that emeka okafor play CBA completely no problem.Also dare and Stimac hard bar!Due to schedule ahead of the third stage, some teams have to give up the introduction of foreign aid, but there are some team operation in a timely manner, foreign aid can arriving on the window period, among them, zhejiang emeka okafor is metal, the famous foreign aid in the NBA, CBA can be called big foreign aid, this competition, led by wang guangsha, or in the game whereas is given priority to,And Okafor and Hu Chin-qiu, also staged a twin tower partner.Throughout the game, emeka okafor or receive a dozen, but personal technology show clearly, completely is the NBA level of foreign aid, and Hu Jinqiu collocation, this time, he hit 5 while Hu Jinqiu returned to his most familiar 4, for wang, he is now the most critical task, is how to make emeka okafor as soon as possible into the team, and he and Hu Jinqiu, how to divide the play time,Sun Minghui also took the initiative to adapt to Okafor.Except for emeka okafor, zhejiang construction of selected foreign aid and rivers, but as the CBA the third stage, ahead of the European confirmed miss the season foreign aid, emeka okafor after joining, zhejiang metal has a double foreign aid, and second, inside the configuration in the league, is not weak, Hu Jinqiu, Xu Zhonghao, Jones and emeka okafor, etc., for wang,Also met the happy troubles, how to distribute their appearance time, is the first problem that he will solve next, for Zhejiang guangsha, after Okafor joins in, the team’s goal, is the joint sword points to the final!