The Implementation Plan for the Development of Urban Parking Facilities in Chongqing was released

2022-04-20 0 By

Recently, the municipal government issued the “Chongqing City Parking Facilities development implementation plan” (hereinafter referred to as the “plan”).According to the “plan” put forward the goal: by 2025, the whole city will basically complete the urban parking system, which is mainly equipped with parking facilities, supplemented by off-road public parking facilities and supplemented by in-road parking.By 2035, an intelligent, efficient, convenient and accessible urban parking system with reasonable layout, adequate supply will be fully built.The “plan” mentioned that the city will promote the planning and construction of parking facilities, combining old residential areas, old business districts, old factories, old blocks, etc., using scattered land, idle land, space under Bridges and other plots, as well as the land that does not have the conditions for independent construction of a number of small and micro parking lots;In the old residential areas, schools, hospitals, business districts and other “four” areas, combined with the development of public transportation and the traffic conditions of the surrounding areas, to distinguish the parking needs for different periods of time, take comprehensive measures such as resource sharing, price adjustment, temporary parking, determine the scale of parking facilities reasonably, set up time-shifting parking berths.On the other hand, the plan requires a sound parking management system and mechanism to improve the intelligent level of parking facilities.The city will formulate relevant policies on parking management and establish a long-term management mechanism of “parking space, orderly parking, illegal parking will be punished”.Set up covering the whole city parking facilities information management platform, to speed up the application of large data, the Internet of things, 5 g, “Internet +”, etc. New technology and new patterns, developing intelligent mobile terminal parking service application, implement information query, space booking, electronic payment service functions such as integration, promote the parking resource sharing and fast matching of supply and demand.The plan also mentioned improving the market-determined pricing mechanism for parking, and gradually reducing the scope of government pricing.Among them, the government’s pricing is mainly limited to the parking facilities with the characteristics of public welfare and natural monopoly operation. According to the principle of “in-road higher than off-road, daytime higher than night, key management area higher than general management area”, the in-road parking charging standard is formulated.It is understood that the district and county governments are responsible for the planning and construction of parking facilities.The Municipal Urban Management Bureau, the Municipal Housing and Urban-rural Development Commission, the Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Bureau, the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Municipal Transportation Bureau and other departments guide, coordinate and urge all districts and counties to perfect relevant policies and ensure the scheduled realization of the set goals.