And the pressure on the Lakers!You’re lucky to have more help than James

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The Clippers made the first move at the trade deadline, sending Bledsoe, Winslow, rookie Keon Johnson, and a 2025 second-round pick to Portland for two great players: Powell and Covington.It’s easy to understand from the Blazers’ point of view that they’re trying to get rid of Powell’s five-year, $90 million contract, that they don’t have much hope this season, and that they don’t want to pay the luxury tax again.By getting rid of Covington and Powell, the Blazers’ payroll fell well below the luxury tax line, which is, in short, tanked.For the Clippers, Jerry West is really better than Rambis, Jeanie Buss and Pelinka several times. Anyone who has watched the game for more than 3 years knows what Powell and Covington mean. A top 3D, a super consistent scorer, the Clippers finally showdown!Previously according to the Us media, the Clippers currently, in addition to Mann and George, other people can move, they intentionally to adjust the lineup, the purpose is to rebuild the team around Chris and George this summer.It looks like the Clippers have given up on the season, but they haven’t.The Clippers are 27-27, ahead of the lakers for eighth place in the Western Conference, and that’s because Cabrera hasn’t played and George has only played 26 games.In other words, the competitiveness of the Clippers’ role players, lue’s coaching ability, and the support of the clippers’ front office are all top-notch, all of which are necessary. Young players like Coffey and Boston have also shone under Lue this season.Let’s just say tyronn Lue is amazing and the Clippers have a great atmosphere right now.The Clippers, who have a payroll of $168.8 million this season after acquiring Covington and Powell, will have to pay $19 million more in luxury tax for covington and Powell. What does that mean?Meaning caballo and George are likely to return before the playoffs, meaning the Clippers haven’t given up on the race this season.This is a way to get ahead of the Lakers!The Clippers made a lot of money by giving away just three expendable players in Sabu, Winslow and Keon Johnson, and a second round pick for two key players.Actually, George’s injury is up in the air. He has a torn collateral ligament in his elbow that could be surgically removed for the rest of the season, or treated conservatively until carmelo’s condition is updated.In this case, it’s fair to say George is making sacrifices for Cabrera and the Clippers.The good news is that tyronn Lue said carmelo is slowly returning to training, Reggie revealed that carmelo has a chance to return this season, and Both Maurice and Ibaka have stated that their goal is still to win a championship once carmelo returns.Simply put, CAM is the backbone of this team.And clippers trading, filled the possibility of a small card return, because covington contract expires in the summer, the clippers to retention may be difficult, perhaps the clippers should seize this opportunity to put all your eggs in one basket, and around a small card and George, they have good match a set of complete and competitive squad: backcourt reggie, kenner, Powell, George can also guest 1;The Clippers have no rivals up front: Cabrera, Batum, Morris jr., Covington, Mann;Inside, ibaka, Zubaz and Harten.They can pose great threat to five front side, like the reverse the jazz last year, and most of all, after years of the regular season, the clippers role players can now play more responsibility, the team has maintained stability, and often more than 20 big comeback this season, their attitudes and has no doubt.In fact, the Clippers really put their heart and soul into building the framework for Carmelo, from Ibaka in the interior to Powell in the backcourt, who were raptors partners and have a good personal relationship, covington will play the role of Sika, although the Clippers don’t have lowry guards, but now the Clippers backcourt is not inferior.Both Kennard and Batum are shooting more than 40 percent from 3.And one thing need to pay attention to, the clippers this season the other four positions are relatively stable, but the small forward position, from mann to batum, including kofi also played a period of time, has not fixed, it is actually tryon Lou in the small card to make a hole, the move is to let the clippers other players to adapt to different partner role, but the card back,Clippers can immediately pull up the strength of the front line, in simple terms, usually tied 10 kg sandbags running, formal competition, throw away the sandbags!The Clippers’ front office has always been like this, and they rarely have the trade rumors that the Lakers do, but their trade is solid and solid and can immediately improve the team, and the Lakers’ front office is far from the best.I have to say, CAM was luckier than Jayne.That luck set the tone when Cabby came to the Clippers three years ago.The clippers reached the Conference finals last season after carmelo’s first year with the clippers was marred by internal strife and a quick move by the front office to trade harrell, fire Doc Rivers, then Lou, and get Tyronn Lue back on his feet.Everything is in place this season.And the support carmelo has, from the owner to the front office, has been trying to build a structure around him, including tyronn Lue’s current coaching level, which I think is above Vogel’s, and you can’t fault it.By contrast, the Lakers have lost Davis since the championship, and the lakers have struggled by choosing Westbrook for market value. The team is now trading almost nothing, and James has received little help.