A handsome officer in love with you?Changzhou police arrested a man suspected of cheating a woman out of 30,000 yuan

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A handsome, rich Northern special forces officer in love with you?Alert!Think carefully before you get too hot, the officer is busy enough on duty, how can you have time to accompany you to play online games and online love?Case review 2020, Changzhou Miss Zhang met a man in the online game Yuan.Yuan claimed to be an officer of the northern special forces, which made Miss Zhang quite favorable to him.They then exchanged contact information and added wechat.In the chat after, Yuan mou is gentle and considerate, win miss Zhang’s heart gradually, both sides determined love relationship.In order to let Miss Zhang believe his “officer” identity, Yuan also sent her to wear his military uniform photos and military certificate, and even find their “comrain-in-arms” chat with Miss Zhang, which makes Miss Zhang more believe his officer identity.Seeing Miss Zhang sink deeper and deeper, Yuan mou begins to borrow money from it with various reasons.However, Yuan mou is very cunning, generally in the name of “comrade-in-arms” to money.He borrowed money for a variety of reasons, such as the need to pay for treatment of an injured recruit, yuan’s injury in the course of training, and even to treat other officers and generals.In nearly a year time, Yuan mou and its “comrade-in-arms” repeatedly cheated Miss Zhang more than 30 thousand yuan.Yuan mou from time to time to money, also let Miss Zhang gradually suspicious, and during this period, Miss Zhang and Yuan mou never had a video call or even voice call, in many requests and Yuan mou video chat was rejected, Miss Zhang determined to be cheated, so the police.Based on the clues, the police quickly arrested Yuan in Fushun, Liaoning Province.The fact of fraud, Yuan confessed.After the police education, Yuan and his family took the initiative to return the victim’s money.It is understood that Yuan is more than 20 years old this year, vocational high school has not been proper work.Because of economic constraints, Yuan mou actually thought of posing as an officer to cheat money.After investigation, Yuan mou’s military certificate and military uniform are forged on the Internet, and the so-called “comrade-in-arms”, is also yuan mou himself with QQ trumpet camouflage.At present yuan mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures by the police, the case is being further handled.Recently, Miss Zhang came to the police station, to the police presented a written “law enforcement for the people, kuangfu justice” words of the banner, to thank the police for her recovery was cheated money.Su warned online dating to be vigilant, don’t trust strangers, reflect on the process before deepening the relationship, and beware of the traps behind sweet words.Strengthen the protection of personal privacy information, do not disclose bank card accounts, passwords, ID card numbers and other important information in social software chat.Avoid lending and other economic relations with strangers, through social software economic exchanges, to repeatedly confirm the authenticity of the identity of the other party, if the other party is not willing to meet or video call, it can be basically determined that the other party is a liar, once found cheated to the police in time.Source: Changzhou Network police