What are the hottest hairstyles right now?Look here. I like all of them

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Since I met you, that is the fate, focus on fashion, focus on hair style, pay attention to li-li liu recently a look in the mirror, found his hairstyle should do some packing, color is a little bit back, head a little flat, hair end also is a open fork, anyhow is looking at is not pleasing to the eye, wanting to change their hair must choose the moment of the most popular, so I selected a big wave,All of them are the most popular, and I like them very much. Let’s share them with you. Maybe they will help you.Think of above all is perm, because the top of the head is compared to collapse, very hot very hot can easily let the top of the head increase fleecy effect, like this little sister, super short dew ear hair deserves to go up the modelling of roll, very fashionable western style.Iron curly hair can not only increase the top of the head of the shagginess, for the balance of the face also has a very good effect, for example, the sister’s face is long, through perm effectively increased the width of the face on both sides, with a buckle in the air bangs to block the forehead, the effect is very beautiful.Of course, perm has big volume also have small volume, this is about to combine the situation of their own hair to choose, the hair is fine and soft, you want to choose big wave, that cannot make you satisfied for sure, ironing may become straight for two days, the best way is the modelling of the following sister, spiral small volume, fleeciness elastic ability will be more lasting.If you have elastic hair, you can try a medium wavy perm like this one.When we understand that the purpose of perm is to make yourself beautiful, not to say that it is not necessary to iron out how many volumes, at this time we choose the hairstyle is much easier, like the sister below the whole hair ironed, volume is not too much, but it reflects the effect of fluffy fashion, beautiful and beautiful is also very woman.Marcel is mostly need to do, but his hair is a difficult problem for many women, it difficult to do out the effect of hair salon, then you can learn the beauty to make a hair perm, blow the hair eighty percent dry seven at ordinary times, then daub in hair end is a part of the modelling of some moisturizing product is OK, even better care of perm hairstyle.If pure perm, cannot satisfy you to beautiful demand, still can learn to learn from this sister, on the basis of perm, blended in gray originality to catch, fashionable 100 changes let a person never forget.In our impression, perm is generally to be ironed out of the volume, in fact, there is a perm, is deliberately not ironed out of the volume, just like the bottom of this long broken hair, manic-up bangs soft hair end, are through perm to make the hair end a C-shaped shape, soft and layered.This type of Bob also does not have the curling effect, just ironed the end of the hair inside the effect, fluffy natural easier to create a line.Now the choice of hairstyle is really very rich, life is also some people like perm, some people do not like perm, we will share some below, do not need perm also very good-looking hairstyle.The bobo head of bingle can be said to be the classic in classic, deserve to go up the inclined bang that divides a side, blow a flow direction feeling with blower, very thin very fashionable.Thirty-seven clavicle hair, with chocolate hair color, white fashion is very attractive, there is a good face hiding effect, suitable for most women.The bobo head of dark brown shows white not hyperbole, hair end clip becomes downy effect, form tiny bag face model, it is very melting.Classic bobble head still suits the lady that sends quantity quite much, reduce age still has model, still can hang the hair of two sides to ear at ordinary times very agile also.Opt for an asymmetrical Bob and pair it with a flaxen grey dye, with soft, natural bangs to make it look smaller and more personal.Speaking of individual character, cannot leave the bingle with this kind of rich administrative levels, periphery is cut short tighten up, edge line retains a thin thin long broken hair, top area makes a stereo effect, very handsome very distinctive.The girl who likes to walk cool sa line, can try this short hair, frowsty blue hair color is tie-in the hair end that becomes upturned outside, youth vogue lets a person photograph never forget.This long hair jellyfish head is also very interesting, the top is a Bob style, long hair below the occipital dyed orange, very visual impact, go everywhere there is a turn.What’s your favorite hairstyle of the day?Please leave a comment and follow me if you want to see more fashionable hairstyles.Always need you to be my friend, because you know how to listen to me, pay attention to me, thank you for having you, is willing to go with me in the future hair style road.