The third day of the first month “xiao Nian chao”, the old tradition “avoid 5 things, eat 3 food”, read up knowledge

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Tomorrow is the third day in lunar calendar, the folk have many theories about the third day, this day is not only the traditional “red dog day”, the “day celebration day” of China’s ancient times, and was called “off-year dynasty, emperor song zhenzong, of the first year of large and medium-sized few legends have a sealed book down, so the authentic letters, pronounce on the 3rd day celebration day, officials and other holiday for five days.”Xiaonian Dynasty” is also “Chigou’s Day”, an epithet of Chigou blazing Wrath, and there would be an unlucky event.At the same time, the third night of the first month is “mouse wedding day”, so there are many taboos on the third day of the first month, the old traditional Chinese New Year “taboo 5 things, eat 3 food”, many people do not understand, read the knowledge.The third day of the Lunar New Year is the traditional “Chigou Day”, an epithet of blazing wrath and an unlucky symbol of blazing wrath.Generally, people go out less on the third day of the first lunar month, do not go out to pay New Year’s greetings. The older generation thinks that going out is easy to run into red dogs, and red dogs will be dangerous and affect the fortune of the New Year.2, avoid eating rice on the third day of the year is also the folk “millet birthday”, this day should eat less cereal, rice is the representative of cereal, millet birthday on this day, the rice cooked to eat, easy to offend the gods, so many people do not eat rice on the third day of the first month.Eat pasta instead of rice.The third day of the first month is red dog day, people try to avoid meeting with outsiders, is afraid of provoking trouble.At the same time in the red dog day, as far as possible do not move knives and scissors and other sharp instruments, because the red dog day easy to commit evil spirit, this day knife and scissors, the New Year is easy to non pestered, in order to ensure a year of peace, people generally put the knife and scissors away on the third day.According to folklore, from the first to the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, it is the day of the six Livestock.The first day of the Chinese New Year is chicken Day, the second day of the Chinese New Year is dog day, and the third day of the Chinese New Year is pig day, which is the ancient creation of the world, the Goddess Nu Wa created pigs on the third day of the Chinese New Year.In the past, every family had to raise some livestock. According to the folk tradition, it was forbidden to kill pigs on the third day of the New Year, for fear of offending the gods, and to ensure that the pigs in the family would produce more and gain more weight in the New Year.5, avoid light stay up there is a legend, on the third night is day prepared “mouse”, generally the somebody else all lights go to bed early, in order to avoid unrest in the rats, and in the corner on some grain of rice, cakes, eaten by mice, to do so is also known as “mouse cents,” said Shared with mouse year of harvest, hope the New Year harvest, not NaoZai.Eat 3 food 1, eat zygote folk proverbs, the first day of the first two dumplings, the third zygote pan turn.This is a popular saying during the Spring Festival in the north. People in the north love pasta. They usually cook some pasta every day from The New Year’s Eve to the seventh day of the first lunar month.For example, eating dumplings on the first day means eating “yuanbao”, eating noodles on the second day means “walking smoothly”, and eating zygotes on the third day means “harmony and beauty”.Zizi is a special dish in northern China, similar to pie, which has round or semi-round fillings. It is usually baked in a pan with different fillings, golden and delicious. Eating zizi on the third day of the Lunar New Year symbolizes “family reunion”.2 boarding, and eat food package food is the way in many parts of the south, mix vegetables, meat and rice together, with lettuce leaves and wrapped up to eat, eat can dip in sauce on the outside, eat dish boarding annual grade, similar to the zygote implication, is the treasure, to eat into the belly, meaning “money don’t drain”.In many areas of northwest China, noodles are the staple food. When people make dumplings on New Year’s Eve, they will leave more dough. When they make dumplings on the second and third day of the New Year, they will roll the dough into noodles, cook it in cold water, add all kinds of meat or vegetables, and mix it with sauce.”Cold water surface” is also called “every other year noodles”, which means good harvest and good luck in successive years.