Gu Ailing, spokesperson of JINGdong retail brand, won the gold medal

2022-04-19 0 By

On February 8, Gu Ailing, the spokesperson of JINGdong retail and known as the “genius girl” in the skiing field in the world, won the gold medal in the women’s freestyle ski platform final at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games with a total score of 188.25 points by using 1620 ultra high difficulty in her last jump.With the arrival of the Winter Olympic Games, the public’s enthusiasm and demand for ice and snow sports keeps rising. Jingdong also fuels the public’s love for ice and snow with its own love. It not only works with Gu Ailing and the National Team of Free skiing aerialist, but also promotes the comprehensive popularization of ice and snow sports with the help of the example of ice and snow athletes.Also let jingdong “live up to every love” brand proposition more specific.At the same time, we hope to pass on the spirit of sports to more consumers and drive more consumers to enter the world of ice and snow sports and feel the charm of ice and snow sports.Jd will rely on its own brand influence, fully integrate online and offline resources of the sports industry, and help ignite the enthusiasm of all people for sports.