On the night of family reunion, subway workers wait in dim lights

2022-04-18 0 By

On New Year’s Eve, some people look forward to the time of family reunion and relaxation, while others usher in the busiest time.In the light of the Spring Festival, the subway staff of Maquanying station of Beijing Metro Line 15 are still fighting hard on the front line to ensure that the general public have a peaceful and peaceful Spring Festival.Ma Quanying station clerk Li Xiang at the platform to implement standardized delivery operations.As the Spring Festival Gala comes to an end, New Year’s greetings come and go from person to person’s mobile phone to the end of the network cable.In the subway, on the silent and empty platform, the subway station clerk is still greeting the vehicles and sticking to the last post of operation. This year is the third New Year’s Eve that the station clerk Li Xiang spent in the station, she watched the last train leaving and then began to clear the station to prepare for the night’s study and exercise.The station master on duty shall organize and carry out safety education and training drills for employees in the station comprehensive control room.The steaming dumplings are dipped in Laba vinegar. With the New Year’s promise, people sit around to share the first bite of the New Year’s order.In the subway, the nightlife of the staff is about to start, and the special meeting is about to announce the key points, and the actual combat exercises are about to perform their duties, so as to make an effort for the guarantee work of the Spring Festival and winter Olympics.Meanwhile, the station master on duty was methodically arranging the night’s work.The controller of Maquanying station patrol the area before power transmission.Maquanying station area for figure 3:30, “the age of Yin poor twilight, dedication to the new Fang”, reunion people cherish the time together, in the shousui mutual sincerity.In the station, the comprehensive controller of Maquanying station wore good equipment and went to the section to patrol. Every section of track and every turnout section should ensure that it is clean and free of sundries to ensure the smooth operation of the first bus.Sun Yijie, controller of Maquanying Station, sends festive greetings to the first passenger arriving at the station in the New Year.Some people doze off in the middle of staying up late, some people get up early on the good omen of “spring”, but most people still sleep peacefully in their dreams.In the station, a group of uniformed employees opened the equipment and the gate of the station. Sun Yijie, the controller, greeted the first passenger of the New Year with full spirit and sent the first good wishes of the New Year — “Happy New Year, welcome to Beijing subway”.During the Spring Festival, every part of the subway staff’s commitment seems simple, but every ticket and every train witnessed the passengers’ safe return, but also silently narrated their little efforts.