Let’s have fun with Tik Tok in the New Year

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“Dongying Real Estate network Sina Leju” Hip-hop Talent * All kinds of fun In the New Year, Douyin togetherDouyin search – Country Garden Shandong region and 6 designated New Year video co-shot win Huawei watch – Pandora bracelet etc. Country Garden Square yuan · Yunding about 9600 yuan /㎡ five bedroom, four bedroom, three bedroom Canal Road and Dengzhou Road intersection consulting Country Garden · Central mansionHas not yet released four bedroom dongying city guangrao county of shandong province quang road and taian road interchange consulting, country garden days reputation has not been announced, and all the way with tianjin six-way intersection to the west 200 meters advisory country garden light of age has not yet been published north 2 with sheng road interchange south about 200 meters recommend building consulting sina le in this week: country garden, best siu-tong ward ward smart town center