How to make a seasoned steamed bread?

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Completes the traditional handicraft article | did steamed bun fermentation flavor list senior Du Dechun delta m: for the father of the buns steamed buns, must match the good wheat;And clever housewife make bricks without rice;The taste of wheat and steamed bread.① origin ~ Qilu or Xinjiang wheat is the best ② wheat aroma ~ processing technology and originality ③ wheat quality ~ wet gluten 36-39%;The threshold value of powdery powder essence was 1-1.5;Other ④ nutritional indicators, etc.⑤ Water absorption rate ⑥ gluten and starch ⑦ physical properties ⑧ albatter layer ⑨ wheat flavor threshold ⑩ wheat flavor, wheat alcohol, wheat flavor, wheat quality.▽ Water is the mother of the steamed bun = If the wheat is well matched with water, the steamed bun will be well steamed.Water quality, level, water alcohol: (1) Guangxi Bama Longevity village small molecule group water (2) Yulin Peach blossom water (3) Qingdao Laoshan water (4) small molecule group water (water machine).The criteria for good water can be traced back to who’s “Six Criteria for Good Water”.Water quality in 99% of the country needs to be improved or improved.99% of the so-called purifier machines in China are substandard or do not meet the “six good water standards”.△ Alkali is the son of the bun and the flavor of the bun, alkali must match;Neutralization Ph value is the soul of steamed buns.Alkali: water base;Caustic soda.After alkali.Soda: Baking soda, sheep.Art for steamed bun female: three points to do, seven points of craft;Craft: is how to live the surface, knead the surface, put the surface, xing xing, hair surface, pressure surface, against the surface, wake up.Add alkali, neutralization, soy noodles, steamed steamed buns, seasoning, wheat, flavor.It is not an easy thing to make steamed buns with soul, flavor and value.Therefore, the Tao Te Jing says: Governing a big country is like cooking a small delicacy.Du Dechun: senior artisan of steamed bread fermentation flavor.