Banks are afraid you know 5 tips to save money, interest take thousands more, many people do not know

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Pay attention to these five tips for saving money and be sure to know that the bank will not tell you if you can earn more interest.This first, if no more than 500000 single deposit, we can choose small Banks, because small Banks in order to draw customers, general ah will give higher than a big bank savings interest, otherwise he uncompetitive in front of the big Banks, so willing to pay more interest to attract deposits, and don’t worry about the safety of the funds, 500000 the following is a capital insurance.Secondly, if it is a certificate of deposit, you should choose a good time when you deposit your money. The interest rate varies according to different time periods. You should first deposit at the end of the quarter, the middle year and the end of the year to get higher interest.Third, if you don’t want to put all his money, there is a regular all, thinking about one thousand money is not convenient, can consider to use stepwise deposits way, take the 300000 deposit as an example, we put 300000 into three 100000, and then, the first years and $100000 a year, the second 100000 for two years, and so on,100000 just three years, the third order of merit a 100000 expires, can continue to save for three years, the second 100000 expires after will continue for three years, three years later, so you will have every year of a three-year $100000 deposit to the account of the fourth, is if you have more than 1 million deposits, don’t rush to go directly to bank deposits, it can ah,Talk to the bank account manager alone to get a reasonable interest rate, and in a small bank, if your deposit is more than 1 million, there is a lot of room to talk, so that from a few years down, the interest rate alone will be much more than others.However, I still do not recommend saving more than 1 million in small banks, because small banks have high interest rates and also have certain risks. Due to various reasons such as capital, we have to prevent the risk of bankruptcy.The fifth, it is the means that the month pays interest, put money into the bank, interest lets the bank press the monthly knot, give us every month the account that enters current account fixably, such interest can be like salary on time arrive an account, it is what we say eat interest, every month besides salary, still have a few extra deposit amount.Raise income quite then, avoid because of urgent use money this time deposit draws ahead of schedule, affect income in that way ah?If you have any more questions, please leave a comment. Bye.